07 June, 2011

A quick and funny look at the history of hats :)

When I watching some videos from the net, I saw this video. I think it is very funny and joker video about hats. I'm putting the link and the video here, so you can watch and give a small break to your jobs with this video :)



01 June, 2011

Dolls with knitted hats :))

One of my friend sent me an e-mail about knitted hats. I will make a post about knitted hat models too, but now I want to share with you some photos which are very cute and nice. Dolls wear knitted hats, I think they look so cool :) Look at them, I really loved them so much :)

There are also more than these. If you want to see others go to http://www.flickr.com/ and then just write "dolls with knitted hats" :) All of them are very sweet and nice, aren't they :)